Dog Laws in Spain

Spain can be a great place to be a dog owner because there is so much space and nature. And dogs are a human’s best friend!

Every country has its own laws regarding owning a dog. Here we will sum up the 10 most important dog laws to consider in Spain. Please follow these laws because the fines are huge. Laws vary per “comunidad” in Spain, so please make sure you read into local laws. The ones mentioned here are on a national level.

10 Important Dog Laws in Spain

1. DOCUMENTATION: Every dog needs to be documented (pet passport), before reaching the age of 3 months. The dog must be microchipped and registered in the “ Registro de Animales de Compañía”. When a dog gets lost or dies, this must be communicated as well. 

2. HEALTH CARD: Another obligation is that every dog needs to own an official health card, where all vaccinations must be registered.

3. CIVIL LIABILITY: You should check the local law in your city because every region (comunidad autónoma) has the authority to demand an specific insurance; for example, cities like Madrid or Basque Country demand a dog policy for every type of dogs, but in other cities this is only mandatory in case of potentially dangerous dog (PPP): the animal must be insured with a high coverage (180.000 euro) and the chip number must be mentioned.

4. ADMINISTRATIVE LICENSE: in case of potentially dangerous dogs, they need to obtain an administrative license and be registered in the Potentially Dangerous Animal Registry.

5. CLEANING: When walking the dog in public spaces, the owner must clean all the feces of the dog and spray water over their urine.

6. ON A LEASH: Dogs need to be walked leashed; the owner must be in control of its movements. Potentially dangerous dogs are obliged to always wear a muzzle in public spaces. For this type of dogs, the dog leash cannot be any longer than a maximum of 2 meters.

7. CHILDREN’S PARKS: Dogs are never allowed in children’s parks or other children’s areas. Dogs cannot take a bath in public fountains, nor drink directly from water taps in public spaces.

8. OBLIGATIONS FOR THE OWNER REGARDING THE DOG: The dog needs a safe and sheltered space to live and sleep. The dog needs to receive the correct hygiene and medical attention when necessary. The owner should also make sure the dog gets all necessary vaccinations on time, to prevent diseases. Also, you have to know that the new animal law has included a course for all those who want to own a dog.

9. PROHIBITED: the constant stay in a car, on a terrace, balcony, or other limited spaces. Leaving any pet on their own for 3 days in a row it’s not allowed by law and in the case of dogs, it cannot exceed 24 hours.

10. INSURANCE: Pet insurance is optional but recommended. For more information regarding pet insurance in Spain, consult Caser Pet Insurance

Treat your dog the best way possible! Owning a dog is one of the best things in life, but it has its responsibilities too and with that some downsides. Here some more detailed information about the responsibilities dog owners has, especially about dog laws in Spain. Think well before you get yourself a dog.

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