Dog Friendly Beaches in Spain

Dog Friendly Beaches – Costa del Sol

Continuing our posts of dog friendly beaches in Spain, we are now exploring the dog friendly beaches of the Costa del Sol. The Costa del Sol is a region in Andalucia, along the coastline of the Province of Málaga and the eastern part of Campo de Gibraltar in Cádiz. It has 185km of beaches and is the most developed and densely populated coastal strip in Andalucia.

Playa Piedra Paloma – Casares

The beach Piedra Paloma is located in the municipality of Casares, in the province of Malaga, Spain. It is a beach of about 2 kilometers long and 30 meters wide, formed by dark sand and stones. It is surrounded by cliffs and vegetation, which gives it a wild and natural look.

Playa Piedra Paloma has an area designated for dogs that allows owners to enjoy a day at the beach with their pets. The dog area of the beach is located at the end of the beach, near the mouth of the Manilva river, and is delimited by buoys. It is a small cove of about 200 meters long and 10 meters wide, also formed by stones and dark sand.

The Playa de Torre del Mar, in Vélez-Málaga, covers an area of about 4,000 square metres and is located in the Mortero area, near the mouth of the Vélez river. 

The Playa de Torre del Mar has a playground, toilet area and shower for dogs, perimeter fencing and a new toilet facilities for the humans who use the beach.

Playa de Torre del Mar

Playa Canina Arroyo de Totalán

The Arroyo de Totalán dog beach, located between Málaga and Cala del Moral, in the municipality of Rincón de la Victoria, is a true paradise for dog lovers. With an area of more than 14,000 meters, it is the largest dog beach in the province of Malaga. Both the Málaga City Council and the Rincón de la Victoria City Council have worked together to improve the area and make it a pleasant place for animals and their families.

The Arroyo Totalán dog beach offers some basic services such as:

  • small parking area
  • Special bins for excrement
  • dog showers
  • Small oasis with palm trees where dogs can rest.

The BenalCan canine beach is located on one side of the Arroyo Hondo beach. It is 70 meters long, between the breakwater and the axis of the stream, and its average width is 20 meters. It is equipped with a dog shower, drinking fountain and excrement bins.

The Playa Benalcan is located in a stony area of the Arroyo Hondo coast. Although dogs can run and enjoy the surroundings, it should be noted that the area designated for pets is quite small.

Playa Benalcan en Benalmádena

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