Pet Travel Tips

Travelling can be stressful for pets, especially for those with anxiety issues.
Whether it’s across town or across the country, changes in routine and environment can cause distress.

Here are some pet travel tips to reduce pets’ (and your) stress when moving.

Visit their vet

Know the rules. Before you go, research requirements and get your pet up to date with necessary vaccinations and paperwork

Locate a veterinary near your travel destination. Being prepared will give you peace of mind.

Acclimatise your pet to a crate

Place your pet’s favorite toys or treats inside the crate to encourage them to see it as a safe place where they can rest or nap.

Pack a bag for your pet.

 Dedicate a bag specifically for pets to keep all their necessaries together and accessible. Pack it with medication, vaccination and microchip records, a favorite toy, a blanket, a sweater, and anything else your pet may need during the journey

Reduce Stress Safely

On the day – Keep yourself calm!
Pets pick up on their humans’ moods. When you’re stressed or upset, they know. Express a positive and calm attitude whenever possible.

There are also an array of anxiety-busting tools for dogs and cats, including calming food, supplements, and pheromone-releasing products that can ease stressful situations.

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