Travelling with your Pet in Spain

travelling with your pet in spain

If you are thinking of travelling with your pet in Spain, here are some of the rules for public transport.

Rules for pets on Buses in Spain

To travel by bus with a dog or cat, it is necessary to check the regulations in force according to the company you are travelling with. Generally, only one animal is allowed per bus or journey, although sometimes it depends on the service and the amount of luggage that is in the hold. The weight limit is also ten kilos for dogs and cats, and they cannot travel in the passenger cabin. They will normally travel in the hold of the vehicle, together with the passengers’ luggage, in a rigid carrier, with a grid and secure lock, as well as a waterproof base. This service may also include an extra cost on the ticket price, which can sometimes reach 50 per cent of the ticket price, although this always depends on the company you are travelling with.

Rules for pets on Trains in Spain

Up until recently, only small pets were allowed to travel on long-distance trains in Spain. This covers AVE, Larga Distancia (long distance high-speed), Media Distancia (mid-distance) and Avant (mid-distance high-speed) trains.

In this case, small pets are defined as small dogs, cats, ferrets and birds (but not poultry), up to a maximum weight of 10kg. Only one pet is allowed per passenger, and it needs to be in a carrier or cage, with a maximum size of 60 x 35 x 35 cm, and have its own ticket.

In reality, the size of the pet and the size of the carrier is unlikely to be checked.

The cost to travel with a pet depends on the train and your ticket. On AVE and Larga Distancia trains, the pet ticket is free is you have a Premium ticket. Otherwise it costs €10 if you have a Elige or Básico ticket. On Media Distancia and Avant trains, the pet ticket is 25% of the general fare.

However, this exclusion of large pets has recently changed. Large pets are now allowed to travel on select AVE (high-speed) trains on the Madrid-Barcelona and Madrid-Malaga lines. A single large dog between 10kg and 40kg is allowed per passenger, who will travel in the adjoining seat, with a maximum of two per train.

Rules for pets travelling by plane in Spain

To travel by plane with a dog or cat, Aena – the company that manages Spain’s airports – says pets may travel in the passenger cabin if they do not exceed a certain weight and size, and are in a suitably equipped carrier. Alternatively, they may be checked into the hold of the plane, in a suitable carrier that has been fitted out for this purpose. The airline must be advised well in advance. The transport of animals will entail an additional cost, and sometimes a maximum limit of animals in the hold may be imposed, depending on the airline company. Further information is available in the Aena guide to travelling with animals.

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