Dog Friendly Beaches in Spain

Dog Friendly Beaches – Almeria

Playa de la Rana in Adra

In 2016 Rana Beach became the first beach for dogs in the Province of Almeria.

This beach is currently the only one in Almeria that allows access to dogs all year round. The Playa de la Rana (literally, the Frog Beach) is located outside the town of Adra, Almeria, and its waters are considered not suitable for swimming.

It is located between the beaches of El Lance de la Virgen and La Gaviota. There are 350 metres for you to enjoy during a day outdoors on the seashore in a place where your pets can stretch their legs.

Its location prevents many tourists from visiting this beach, which makes it simple for dog owners to spend some hours of fun with their pets. Its 350 meters are fenced, and are located 450 meters from the beach of La Caracola, which is reserved for swimmers.

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