The province of Alicante has more than 200 kilometres of coastline and includes a good designation of dog friendly beaches

More and more people like to take their dogs with them when they go to enjoy the beach. Over the last few years, different towns have opened a beach or part of their coast for people and their dogs to enjoy the weather and the sea. Dogs are allowed to play, run loose and swim on these beaches.

Cala del Xarco (Villajoyosa)

Cala del Xarco beach is located in the municipality of Villajoyosa and has a length of 580 metres and an average width of 6 metres. It is a small natural beach of gravel and rock. It is open 365 days a year and has no time limit.

Agua Amarga Beach (Alicante)

This beach is located between the city of Alicante and Urbanova and has about 250 meters of coastline. Agua Amarga is considered one of the best dog friendly beaches in Spain.

It stands out for its luxury service: specialized kiosks for your pet with disposable feeders and drinkers included. And on the beach there is not only a “human” menu, but also a “dog” menu, where there are refreshments for two.

Punta de Riu Beach (Campello)

Beach, adapted for use with pets, located in Campello next to the mouth of the Rio Seco. Punta de Riu Beach is 400 metres long and 8 metres wide. It consists of stones and pebbles. It is open all year round and has no time limits.

Dog owners love how clean this beach is. Therefore, visitors tend to be respectful enough to keep it that way.

Les Llomes de Reixes Beach (Campello)

Also in Campello there is a second canine beach – the Barranque beach, located next to the protected nature reserve of Lloma de Reixes. It is a natural beach protected by a small cliff and practically virgin, of pebbles and gravel. Dogs are allowed here for free and it is not overcrowded, which is ideal for walking in the summer season.

La Caleta dels Gossets (Santa Pola)

La Caleta dels Gossets is a small cove that forms part of the Calas Del Cuartel coves located next to the cape of Santa Pola.

This dog-friendly beach consists of fine golden sand, gravel and rocky bottom. There are services such as cleaning, litter bin and surveillance. La Caleta dels Gossets is a quiet beach where even the most frightened dogs will be happy to swim here. No time limits, ideal for walking with your four-legged friend.

Escollera Norte Beach (Dénia)

Playa Escollera Norte is located in Denia near the port area, so it had a number of problems to convert it into a dog friendly beach. It has an area of 100 meters long and has no amenities. Its soil is made of gravel and sand, and the water is calm.

Playa Mar y Montaña (Altea)

This is a dog friendly beach located very close to the residential complexes of Altea Hills. It has a small and narrow shingle coast. One of the few in this area that allows you to walk your pets. Lots of seaweed in the sea next to the beach. Playa Mar y Montaña has no services, only parking nearby.

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